Saturday, March 25, 2017


Summer is the perfect time of year to escape the heat of Texas for a trip to Michigan.  I love Grand Haven, it's beautiful and there are lots of things to do.  Here is a photo diary of our trip this past July.

Lots of neat parks make for good walks.  Cousin Benjamin is getting so big!

Please don't fall.

Unexpected "beach"

Cool fallen tree with spooky looking root system, great for climbing.

Finn listening to grandpa playing the guitar

Downtown Grand Haven and a stop at the museum.

Max, sweet old doggy

Andrew and Mary drove to Michigan (Finn and I flew), so that he could tow the jet skis.  Much fun was had jet skiing on Lake Michigan.

More walking in the woods....

Andrew's brother and his fam live in a really neat little neighborhood which backs up onto a sizable wood and beautiful cemetery.

rope swing!

July fourth meant enough fireworks to light up a small nation.

Downtown water park

Waters edge walk

Serious fishing boat, for the benefit of my brother.

Who doesn't love bubbles?


Enjoying the beach with grandma

Finn likes a good bike store

Finn of the woods

Reading with cousin Vivienne.

We spent the day at Michigan's Adventure; a theme park and water park in one. I really liked this park, it had pretty much everything and Mary-the-thrill-seeker had the best time.

This ride was crazy but Ben and Mary took it on!

beautiful sunset