Sunday, November 6, 2016

Spring Break 2016

So taken as we are with L.A.,we headed back there for spring break again this year.  Sans The Mare; she would spend spring break in San Antonio.  As there were only 2.3 of us, we decided to experience the "Tiny House" phenomenon.  We found this cute little rental on a quiet street in a beautiful area of Pasadena.  Unfortunately, the tiny house came with  tiny parking space about the width of the house.

Our Tiny House

Our tiny back porch

There are some very scenic drives around these parts.
A drive up the San Gabriel Mountains brings you to the Mount Wilson Observatory (

Hmm, cheese.

Hmm, banana.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum are a must if you have kids.  Sorry Mare, next time.  (

So is the California Science Center, which houses the Endeavor!


There are many cool drives around LA.  We enjoyed Hwy 101 to state highway 101, south down to Hay 1 and then on through to Malibu.  At some point, we drove north through Thousand Oaks.  Lots of lush greenery, magnificent views of the pacific ocean, a few orange groves, and plenty of neat windy roads for any driving enthusiast.

Andrew rented a fast car for the morning, so Finley and I decided to spend some time at Kidspace (

Finley found a squirrel.

Finley made a tortoise friend at the Eaton Canyon Nature Area and Nature Center...

until it did this in her direction, and then she was terrified.

With free admission, you would be foolish not to visit the Nethercutt Museum.  This place is amazing; full of beautiful collectible vehicles.

Some interesting facts:

Finley enjoyed the camper.

My nana Joyce worked many years for Woolworths.  I don't think the store exists anymore?

More beach visits!

Driving through and around the Pacific Palisades, you must visit Will Rogers State Park.  Although this is a nice end-of-your-day activity, we always seem to get here too late in the early evening when the house is closed.

Finley found a noisy woodpecker.

...and a "deer"!

If the Nethercutt wasn't enough, you can always pay the $15 admission to the Peterson Automotive Museum (an extra $20 if you want the "Vault Tour").

While Andrew took the Petersen Vault tour, Finley and I walked around the grounds of the LA County Museum of Art.

"Levitated Mass" - Michael Heizer
(320 tons)

We joined Andrew for the rest of the Petersen and were again blown away by the collection.  Only this time, the collection spanned the eras and included some famous machines.

This was my favorite ride.

Breaking Bad

The bat-mobile!  Or one of them.

Finn's favorite car, because she was allowed to touch it.

I got a little carried away taking photos of the cars, because they were so pretty.

Of course, we visited Santa Monica again, and found this wonderful little pie shop with a selection of freshly made pies, served with mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy.  Nothing compares to pies back home, but these were pretty yummy.  Although, someone should tell them that it is not right to put your pie on top of your mushy peas.  That's just weird.

We decided to taunt Mary, so we visited our favorite LA ice cream shoppe and sent her photos of us enjoying a delicious cone.

We decided to hang out in Santa Monica and ride bikes along the beach.

Ah, Venice Beach.  Quite possibly one of my favorite places to be.

Back home, I tried to get Finley to smile for a photo.  

She did her best to copy my expressions.

Mary had crazy clothes week at school.

She picked up trash to earn money for her sixth grade Mystery Trip...

..and optimistically planted a few herbs and flowers.

Finley "pruned" a few plants...

...and enjoyed a spring birthday party.

First bite of pizza, and not quite sure what to make of the opening of gifts.

We went to a couple of plays...

...and a couple of Mary's choir performances.

Easter was fun this year, now that Finley is old enough to kinda-sorta hunt for eggs.  We made unicorn bark and joined friends for an egg hunt in the park, followed by a trip to Chuck e Cheese.

Finley's eggs contained chocolate chips, her favorite thanks to daddy.

Sissy found a lady bug


Finn loves Walmart.

Mary can pretty much whip us both now in chess.

Not smug at all.