Wednesday, September 28, 2016

February 2016

In February, we took what is now our annual trip to Big Bend with the rents, and Betsy.  For some reason, I only have five photos from the entire trip.  Either I had issues with my phone/camera, was really too busy to take any photos, or used Andrew's phone to take all my photos.  I seem to remember dropping my phone into water (again) around about this time, so maybe that explains it.  Although, why then do I have five photos....

We stayed again at Mulo Oso, a nice little double-wide rental, perfect for family groups of up to six.

aaaand that's it.

We also bought a new camper and took it out to San Angelo for a test run.  Of that adventure, I have one picture of Andrew eating cheese in a field with the baby.

February began the science fair adventure, even though Mary had been working on her project for some time already.  She ended up winning the school fair (for her category), and then going on to win regional competition which led us to a fun weekend in San Antonio at the State Science Fair!  

Science fair winners deserve fro-yo

Finley was a huge help in the preparation process.

Girls weekend :)

No post would be complete without a few cute Finn pictures...

Eerie similarity.....

Monday, September 26, 2016

January 2016

Fun in Ruidoso, NM, with Lanie, Zoe, Yvonne, Stacy and Joey.

Our cabin was awesome!

Mary is in heaven

It's hard to move when you're a baby in a slightly over-sized snowsuit.

Some well earned blueberries.

Drive to Cloudcroft.

I love this little mountain town!

and Finley loves straws!

Meanwhile, in Midland, where it rarely snows...

Fun at Monahans Sand Dunes.

Lubbock Science Spectrum...

I can eat like the dog!

Mary's new hairband and jewelry business taking off.


The moment Daniel bonded with the baby.

Well that toy wasn't much fun.