Thursday, June 9, 2016

December 2015 Photoblog

This year, I decided I wanted to make some Christmas gifts for people, rather than just click-purchasing my way through Christmas on Amazon.  I tried first with a tea cozy for Andrew's parents.  The multicolored yarn didn't work out so well and it looked more like a Jamaican rastacap.

So, I mailed it to some other family members in England who I knew would appreciate a rastacap.  Happy Hattie wears it well!!

 Our house was festive...

Mary finished off a few end-of-semester projects, such as her Greek Goddess finale.

Mary is Circe

Carver Science Fair

Our neighborhood is usually pretty well decked out for the holidays.  This year we skipped the horse and carriage ride.  

I tried to compete with a "As seen on TV!" projecting light display from Walmart, but it didn't quite make the mark.  I stocked up on post-Christmas sale lighted trees from Lowes, so next year will be a different story!

Finley enjoyed opening gifts at Mrs. Janet's house with Brooklyn, Clementine and Tucker.

Days were spent at the park...

We found a puppy!  Well, it found us.  Well, we found it in our house and weren't sure how he got in, or when.  He was super cute and Finn wanted to play with him, but his (oddly reluctant) owners were located and he returned home.

*We* acquired another black Toyota 4-Runner.  Long story.

Finley tried her first snowcone...

and enjoyed her first birthday party

You're never too old to make a gingerbread house!

Our Lifeskills kiddos paid us a visit to sing some carols!
Unfortunately, Mary and I were volunteering at the SHARE Christmas party that evening, but Andrew and Finley enjoyed it!

Looking cute for the Christmas party at school!

We hadn't been to the Nature Preserve in a while...

Finn continued to be cute

Mary and I made delicious holiday treats...

...and gave some (not all, pfft) to neighbors and friends

Finley thought Santa was hideous.

Andrew was again in charge of the Elf.

Despite the altercation with our youngest, Santa was very good to us all again this year.

Merry Christmas!

Finley loved her box, although it took a while to get those pesky toys out of the way so that she could play with it. 

A ball!  A ball!

Christmas Cracker paper hats only come in one size :(