Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Summer Stuff

New baby!

I held on to our gender-reveal envelope for weeks without peeking!  Finally, we were all back from our trips and ready to plan a gender reveal party so that we could learn whether we were having a girl or boy.  A gender reveal party is much more fun than simply opening an envelope and reading a piece of paper.

Mary decorated our reveal box and I gave the gender reveal envelope to a local party store so that they could make up the balloons.

Of course, Pinterest...

Our cake was made by Fix it with Frosting.  I also let them see inside the envelope so they could color the cake on the inside.

I love the look on Mary's face! 

It's a boy!
Hopefully, the cake matches...

Boy it is!

We took a long weekend trip to Santa Fe....

Trying to take a photo of a reluctant teen can be quite comical.

Hop on a bike

Pokemon Go

Lady bugs!

Cute, but, ew

spooky face imprint

We all had lots of fun in the Santa Fe Children's Museum

Best chocolate covered bacon and flavored chocolate

Back at the homestead, Christmas starts in August...

Finn likes to pick the bark from the trees

still loves balls and towers (and still sticks out her tongue when concentrating)

...and bubbles

...and bouncies

Mary started junior high!

How can that be?  Didn't she just start Kindergarten?...

Finn started back at Melissa's house...

We went to Joy Town in Lubbock with friends...

Finn loves a good carousel

Finn with Zoe and Lanie, sweet girls!

Finn started gymnastics!  She loved the "bouncies", but had a hard time with following directions and waiting in line in the class.  Those aren't really developmentally appropriate expectations of a just-turned two year old, so we've decided to wait until she's older to try again, unless we can find a smaller class for her to try.

The Nature Preserve is a nice outing if it isn't too hot...

scary shadows

a hop!

nap time

I often find something in my shoe.  Finn doesn't discriminate; flip-flops are shoes too!

Pep rally at Lee High.  Mary got her first mum.  After a three hour delay due to heavy rain, we went too our first homecoming game.