Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finn turns Two! Kinda.

Obviously, she turned two, but not in October, which is the focus of this photoblog.  November 21st will always be an awkward date for a birthday party, and we will often be away on a trip that week (Thanksgiving), so we decided to merge Finley's birthday celebration with a Halloween party.  It's no secret that this is one of my favorite holidays.

Our cake was supposed to be decorated with an elaborate Peppa Pig play park scene.  Unfortunately, it arrived with only one Peppa pig, holding a paint brush, and a random yellow plastic chair.  Finley really didn't care and we got the cake for half price so everyone was happy!

Whoooooose been on Pinterest? haha

Finley was Peppa Pig.  I made the dress a little too big, so maybe she'll be Peppa Pig next year too.

Why did I set up several contrived fun activities in the yard when all she needs is a water fountain and some bubbles?

At least James appreciated my efforts!

Mary made herself a pretty awesome peacock costume.

Dada and Finley handing out candy.

As a birthday treat, Mary and I took Finley to her first show, Daniel Tiger.  She was, at first, confused, then super excited to see her favorite hero on stage.

Finley took a field trip with her friends to a cute little pumpkin patch, and I met them there.


We spent a weekend in Dallas.  Finley loves visiting a "beeg hotel", mainly for the accessible microwave beepy buttons and the fully functional bedside telephone.

beeep beeeep beepbeepbeep

The downtown Perot museum is really neat architecturally, and lots of fun for all ages.

Like I said, fun for ALL ages.

It doesn't matter how old you are, if you find a construction vest, you put it on.

Mary did well on the zoology pop quiz.

For this child, who loves anything animal, the Dallas World Aquarium was fun.


Finn, feeding the birds

Mellow Johnny's in Fort Worth is a neat bike store next to a pretty extensive bike trail and a bar/restaurant "Press Cafe".  They have a pretty skimpy menu, but their caramelized brussels sprouts are to die for.


we like to build towers

A comparison of Finley's and Baby Boy's sonograms illustrates how similar both babies look to be! 

looong hair!

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